Monday, July 4, 2011

What the 4th of July means to California.

What the 4th of July means to people throughout California

Sacramento County: Time to screw the budget up.

Los Angeles County: Time to release the rest of the crappy movies.

Riverside County: Time to buy new Red Phosphorous.

Sand Diego County: Time to laugh at the thought of air conditioners.

Imperial County: Time to clean up after the old people.

Inyo County: Time to drive 400 miles for dinner.

Tulare County: Time to spray cotton and figure why your 15 yr olds are pregnant.

Fresno County: Time to get the hell out.

Mendocino County.  Time to change the bong water.

Siskiyou County: Time to request seceding to Oregon….again.

Kern County: Time to remember what the sky looked like. 

San Francisco County: Time to ban something else unnecessarily....and kick out the homeless.

Alameda County: Time to listen to Al Davis tantrum........again.

Santa Clara County: Time to play out that whole Silicon Valley thing again. 

San Benito County: Time to remind California there's a San Benito County. 

Butte County: Time to remind everyone that its not Butt County.  

Nevada County: Time to request seceding to make the stationary easy.

Solano County:  Time to tour the Jelly Belly and Budweiser plants.......again.

Orange County: Time to build The Curtain higher.

Marin County: Time to nap with the doors unlocked then leave for Europe.

 Happy 4th of Something, Man!

I'll fill the rest in later. Send your angry letters to Me.  I'll respond in your dreams.

-Flava Dave, The best Dave in California

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