Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

If I speak freely, someone fought for it,
If I listen freely, someone sacrificed for it,
If I read freely, someone went ‘over there’ for it,
If I type freely, someone left their home and family for it,
If I raise the colors of my nation freely, someone raised a rifle in the face of danger for it,
If I nap on my couch freely, someone slept in a foxhole for it,
If I listen to my music freely, someone listened to artillery falling around them for it,
If I watch a movie freely, someone watched for the enemy coming from a tree line for it,
If I drive a car wherever I want, someone drove a tank into hell for it,
If I fly in a plane wherever I want, someone flew one over hell for it,
If I kiss my kids at night, someone kisses a picture of his for it,
If I hold my wife at night, someone holds a phone talking to his for it,
And, if I rest in my bed at night, someone is resting in the ground for it,
Because, I am free, and so many have died for it.

We remember today, and everyday, those that have sacrificed everything for our freedom, way of life and country. We are thankful. So we pay our respects. We literally owe everything to them. And we teach our children to do the same.

God, raise and keep the souls of those who have died for us. And, God bless America.

Dave Thomas,
Average American.

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