Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Top Ten Things NEVER Uttered By Jesse Jackson!!

And now, it is my privilege and honor to present the Top 10 things never uttered by Jesse Jackson:
10. Whatevers. All I know is Tebow better not screw up my fantasy football season again. 
9. I'm not NOT saying that I may be wearing Sheila Jackson Lee's underwear right now.
8. So I told Rosie, girlfriend, you dont need Oprah anyway.
7. Just finished those Hunger Games books. O…M…frickin G!
6. With GPS, I almost dont need a chafeur to find these protests......almost.
5. I'd love to speak at your next protest but, you know, Dancing With The Stars is on and I've got my fingers crossed for Melissa Gilbert.
4. Sharpton and I really should carpool to these things.
3. You know, I'd hate to jump to conclusions…
2. Does this contrived outrage make my ass look fat?
1. Seriously, guys. Enough pictures. This funeral isn't about me.

Keepin' It Green.

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