Friday, March 25, 2011


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As anybody can guess, I am typically sarcastic and snarky in most, if not all, of my posts.  On any other day, I would definitely fulfill my self-imposed obligation to be a smart-ass.  But, today I chose to forgo my usual attitude and make this unimportant milestone a little nicer and tell you that we are..... 


Today my wife, newborn daughter and I are home from a birth experience that began in the early hours of last Monday.  Babies are born to millions of women every day and this was our second child.  But it was still a singular experience.  Every child, every birth is special. 
I’d like to thank the Nurses, Doctors and staff of our Hospital and of all Hospitals who work hard every day to make this experience the best it can be for those millions of families, ours included.  You will notice that I mentioned Nurses first.  That is because they are the ones who work (and did they ever) the hardest answering the needs of mothers pre- and post-natal however demanding (or crazy) those needs may be.  You are my heroes today and always.  I also thank God for He has once again smiled down and given me a gift like no other.  A new life to love.  I now have a healthy newborn daughter along with my older beautiful daughter that He graced me with a few short years ago.  I also have a happy, healthy and very beautiful wife to share these blessings with. 

And we are HOME. 

Have a great day, everybody.  

.........and now, on with the show. 

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