Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dave gives you the Top Ten Myths Barry could have debunked on Mythbusters, but didn’t.

10: The Moon Landing was faked by Chileans in a farm outside Winnemucca, NV.
9: If you drink red wine out of John Adams’ skull, you’ll never pass gas again.
8: Kokomo by The Beach Boys was written by Mother Theresa on a coke bender.
7: If you drop a penny off the Sears Tower, Ronald Reagan could catch it in his hair.
6: If you turn your Blackberry on and off 10 times while traveling in a plane, the toilets will spontaneously flush.
5: Green Eggs and Ham will cure gout on Thursdays in November.
4: Driving a 1966 Lincoln Continental at 122 M.P.H. through the rain will iron your shirt.
3: Pope John XXIII and Elvis Presley were first cousins on theirs mothers’ side.
2. Digging a hole to China will always take you to Cleveland.
1.And the greatest myth of them all to bust: BARRY WAS BORN IN FRESNO!!

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