Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Twelve Days of Superflous Trivia.....Dave tackles a holiday favorite AGAIN!!

On the twelfth day of Superfluous Trivia, my Internet gave to me……

Twelve idiots to a jury couldn't convict OJ for murder.
Eleven minutes into Ghostbusters they get the crap scared out of them by the librarian ghost-“GET HER!”
Ten Apples Up On Top was written by Theo. Lesieg.
Nine Inch Nails is really just Trent Reznor.
Eight vertices has a cube.
Seven Continents together formed Pangea.
Six Flags was started in 1960
FIVE GOOOOOLD  BAAAAAAARRSS.....would weigh roughly 2195 ounces.....
Four pecks to a bushel
Three Amigos was directed by John Landis
Two Dicks played Darrin
And Hitler only had one ball!


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