Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dave studies Carl Weathers/Bud Light/Hot Dogs?

I've become warry the new Bud Light commercials with Carl Weathers. Now, the commercials are funny. The whole 'Don't send the Z's for tacos' and stuff. Funny funny.
Anyway. What makes me...well, kinda' naseous is the end of the commercials. Carl talks to the camera and then directs the camera to his playbook binder. He then closes the binder and sets it on, what appears to be, his lap. Suddenly, and with the binder still on Carl Weathers' lap, a smaller Carl Weathers bursts through the binder and starts screaming at us! This leads a reasonable person (yours truly) to question from where did the little Carl Weathers originate. This also leads the same reasonable person (yours truly) to presume that the little Carl Weathers had to originate from under the binder. Stay with me here. That means that little Carl Weathers originated from big Carl Weathers lap! Now, we've all learned about subliminal advertising, Bud Light. But a screaming Carl Weathers phallus bursting through a binder does not make me want to buy your beer..........but why do I have a craving for hot dogs?

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