Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Goodnight Weekend". A poem of sorrow......and steak

Goodnight weekend
Goodnight cows that give steaks for the weekend
Goodnight red lights
In the dark bar room
Goodnight Bears (go Raiders)
Goodnight lawn chairs
Goodnight our pittance
For those that where mittens
Goodnight clocks
Do I have clean socks?
Must be a pair in this house
Maybe over by the mouse
Well I know I have a comb
Its over by the brush
Sitting in the bowl
Of week old oat mush
And now my old lady is screaming, "Hush!"
Goodnight stars
Goodnight air
Goodnight noises everywhere.......sorry, I had the chili.

Long live the weekend. The weekend is dead. - The Jam

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